TIMEXPERT LIFT (IN) VECTOR LIFT Master Firmness Serum has been awarded, by the British magazine Pure Beauty, with the silver medal in the category of Best Premium Product 2016 for skin care.

The Pure Beauty Awards are prestigious awards organized by the magazine with the same name, in charge of rewarding innovation in the British skincare industry. The Pure Beauty Awards acknowledge the best of beauty with the most effective and innovative products launched in their market in the last 12 months. The readers of the magazine participate in the vote and help to decide the final results.

TIMEXPERT LIFT(IN) VECTOR LIFT MASTER FIRMNESS SERUM from GERMAINE DE CAPUCCINI has triumphed with its own merits and its success has crossed frontiers. Developed with the V-Matrix technology, it is a powerful concentrate of firmness and redefinition of the facial oval.

A jewel of anti-ageing technology that is a Premium gesture applied alone or under the daily treatment.