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Cosmetic products especially created to slow down hair growth and provide immediate comfort to depilated areas.




150-ml tube 


Post-depilation body product that after depilation slows down hair growth, provides immediate comfort to depilated areas and allows a correct hair growth.

A maintenance treatment for use at home that reinforces the hair-inhibiting action of the Post-Depilation Comfort Concentrate used by your aesthetician after a depilation session.

Indicated for
Its use is indicated whenever the depilation is done by traditional extraction methods: wax, depilating cream, razor, electrical apparatus, etc. However, it is not indicated when using a depilation method with Pulsed Light, Laser, etc.

Made up of natural ingredients such as extracts of Wild gymnema, Aloe Vera, Willowherb and Opuntia Ficus Flower. With gel-cream texture and rapidly absorbed.

Spread with massage on the area after a depilation session



Box of 20 units: 4 strips of 5 vials x 5-ml 


      • Works on the base of the follicle, slowing down the appearance of the hair and weakening the strength of growth of the hair. 
      • Soothes irritation.
      • Restores comfort to recently depilated skin.
      • Formula enriched with the plant Inhibitor of hair (Gymnema silvestre), Aloe Vera and Willowherb (Epilobium Angustifolium)
      • Product with a gel, viscous appearance. 
      • Easily and rapidly absorbed.


Applied after depilation in booth, the ideal moment, as the pore is dilated (greater product penetration). 

By means of a gentle massage, on all depilated areas: underarms, groin, legs, arms, etc. as long as the extraction method is from the roots.

All skin types, even legs with varicose veins and bad circulation.