MITATE C3 MASK is a skin care focusing on “self repair ability” that human beings naturally have.

By accelerating the metabolism of the cell, you will be able to recover your best skin condition.

Effect has proven by many professionals since it has been achieving remarkable results in many medical institutions and major spa salons.


Mitate CO2 Care Concentration Gel Mask
A Revolutionary Japanese CO2 Facial Mask that Reveals Beautiful Skin
  • Is a revolutionary new face mask with international patents 
  • This miracle mask is developed by a Japanese Cosmetology & Pharmacology doctor who tries to assimilate the field of medical into beauty & achieves this mysterious curative effect
  • C3 Carbon dioxide under the gel rapidly penetrates into the skin & find its way into the blood vessel
  • Borh effect that helps accelerate the skin metabolism & self-repair mechanism.
  • Hemoglobin releases oxygen to skin tissue when connected with CO2
  • This accelerates the skin metabolism & self moisturizing ability.  

Pycnogenol extract has 4 basic properties help skin:     

  • Pycnogenol 萃取物含有4大基本功能帮助皮肤
  • RETAINING HEALTH 使肌肤保持健康,亮丽
  •  RADIANT TONE & TEXTURE 均衡肌肤的肤色及皮肤结构
  •  Powerful ANTIOXIDANT – act as natural anti-inflammatory 特强的抗氧化作用 – 天然的抗炎作用
  •  ENDOTHELIAL NITRIC OXIDE – helps to dilate blood vessel 促使血管膨胀,加强细胞中氧气的提供


  • Promotion of blood circulation              
  • Drug delivery system action 
  • Facilitate adequate supply of oxygen   
  • Bohr effect

Cosmetic Effects of CO2 Gel:

  • Face lifting & Firming 收紧及结实脸部肌肤
  • Elimination of Sagging 避免皮肤下垂
  • Skin whitening 美白肌肤
  • Improvement of spots, freckles 改善黑斑, 雀斑
  • Improvement of pigmentation 改善色素沉着
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles 减少皱纹
  • Removal of acne and acne scars 消除暗疮伤疤
  • Refine pores and removal of blackheads 缩小毛孔及消除黑头
  • Removal of dark eye circles 消除黑眼圈
  • Total Anti-aging effect 抗老化作用