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Germaine de Capuccini, with OIL PHYTOCARE, has created a collection of new body treatment products, under the umbrella of Perfect Forms, that experience this new cosmetic trend and take advantage of the virtues of natural oil and plant extracts to embellish the skin.

Three new retail products with holistic results provide treatment while producing pleasant sensations, magical moments and pleasant applications for use at home. 

OIL PHYTOCARE products are characterised by:

-  Oily and refined textures.

- Original, innovative and multi-functional formulas.

- Multiple results.

All the OIL PHYTOCARE products, as well as the vision of this sub-line, are based on the properties offered by the Baobab, specifically the Organic Oil of Baobab Seeds, a common point in all of them.


1. Derived from the seeds of this tree from the east and south of Africa. It has been part of skin care in Africa for centuries. 

2. Golden oil with a high content in fatty acids 3, 6 and 9, sterols and phytosterols, vitamin A, D, F and of the B group, while having a powerful anti-oxidising capacity.

3. It is obtained in a natural way: cold pressing process and with no type of solvent.This prodigious oil combines a high skin nourishing, protective, smoothing, hydrating, soothing and regenerating power.

4. Organic Oil of Baobab Seeds obtained under criteria of organic cultivation and ethical and fair trade. Which means that to obtainthe Baobab oil that we use in our products these trees are cultivated under criteria of organic cultivation and by local communities in the area of Tambacounda (Senegal) with the support of USAID*.

*USAID is the leading Agency of the USA government for International Development that provides economic development and humanitarian assistance to people around the world.


Firming Body Oil – with Baobab Oil


Firming sensory oil that counteracts flaccidity, providing the skin with suppleness and tone.

Extra-nourishing and anti-ageing product that deeply nourishes, working against skin ageing, immediately toning and smoothing.

Formulated 100% with ingredients of plant origin, it is enriched with:

Birch Oil, rich in betulinic acid, with firming action that protects elastin and connective tissue and increases collagen synthesis.

Centella Asiatica, contains unsaturated fatty acids, terpenes and phytosterols that transmit their firming and anti-ageing characteristics.

Lupinus Albus Seed Oil, increases collagen synthesis while protecting its structure, which provides the skin with tone and firmness.

Apricot Oil, with a powerful soothing and smoothing action of the skin.

Carrot Oil, with anti-ageing action.

Organic oil of Baobab seeds, with known nourishing and regenerating properties.



The skin recovers its best appearance: suppleness, firmness, softness and nourishment.

Especially recommended during weight changes, it helps to keep at bay the stretchmarks and flaccidity, as well as achieving supple and satin skin.


Instructions for use:

Apply with massage after the shower on slightly moistened or dry skin.


Body Nourishing Exfoliator – with Baobab Oil

First body exfoliator for dry and very dry skin. Eliminates dead cells delicately and pleasantly while refining and toning the skin and maintaining its hydration.

Oily texture and silky touch.

Formulated with:

organic oil of Baobab seeds, distinguished for its nourishing, smoothing, soothing and protective properties.

- solid particles obtained by crushing its dark external shell (exocarp).



Provides body skin with youthfulness and nourishes it deeply, showing it supple. Skin free of dead cells, firm and clean, is perfectly prepared to receive the following treatment.


Instructions for use:

Massage on slightly moistened skin, or on dry skin to achieve a greater exfoliation. Remove with plenty of water.


Leg Beautifying Comfort Gel – with Baobab Oil


Multi-functional product, three actions in a single gesture corrects, refines and relieves the legs when they feel heavy:

1.- Shows the legs more refined

Helps eliminate liquid, thus reducing their volume. The lipolytic action of Caffeine combines with the draining, inflammation-reduction and anti-water action of the Zingiber Extract*.

*Innovative ingredient acknowledged by Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award 2012 as an innovative anti-ageing product for the care of the legs.

2.- Liberates the legs, relieving the sensation of heaviness.

Facilitates blood drainage and circulation, relieving tired legs. Its “cold effect” formula intensely refreshes, favouring decongestion, drainage and blood micro-circulation.

Formulated based on a complex of plant extracts with draining properties such as Butcher’s Broom, Lemon and Goldenrod, which is joined by a complex of essential oils: Mint, Cypress, Lemon Peel, Lavender and Labdanum.

3.- Embellishes the legs.

The skin, slightly iridescent, appears nourished and hydrated thanks to the organic oil of Baobab seeds and of Lupinus Albus, together with mineral micro-pigments that unify the skin’s tone.



DREAMY LEGS allows to enjoy the privilege of feeling wonderful, light, beautiful and refined legs.