Luxury skincare company, Germaine De Capuccini, has been creating and developing cutting-edge skincare and cosmetic solutions for over 50 years. Germaine de Capuccini’s commitment to pioneering skincare and cosmetic solutions have allowed the company to grow from its humble Spanish origins to one of the world’s leading skincare specialists. Globally preferred Germaine de Capuccini product partner for all SHINE SPA in Sheraton Hotel Worldwide. Germaine de Capuccini from GERMAINE DE CAPUCCINI on Vimeo.



Synergyage is a skincare line of superior quality created to deeply improve the appearance and quality of the skin. Clinically advanced, this line is based on a new approach of anti-ageing technology and general treatment of the skin.

A professional medical-aesthetical approach that places it as a leader of cosmeceutical research. Effective and innovative solutions to the main aesthetic problems: acne, darkspots, wrinkles, redness, flaccidity, cellulite, etc.

A unique combination of three levels of action that defies aesthetical medicine:

Synergyage cosmeceuticals, cosmeceuticals of superior quality.
Synergyage high technology, medical-aesthetic equipment.
Synergyage therapies, non-invasive, safe therapies that are a true alternative to aesthetic surgery.

Made up of efficient, safe formulas based on the latest scientific advances, Synergyage stands on three essential pillars:

  • High concentration of ingredients of the best quality, very effective for the skin.
  • Synergy of actions. Interrelation between the essential elements of the therapy: ingredients, products, apparatuses.
  • Instrumental products. Make it possible to attend to each client’s needs in a personalised way.
Intensive Renewing And Restoring System

The new Intensive Renewing and Restoring System corrects and renews the skin in order to visibly rejuvenate it.

Inspired by the most sophisticated dermatological techniques for facial peeling used in medical aesthetics clinics, Germaine de Capuccini creates the first Anti-Ageing Peeling System for use at home.

A global treatment that achieves a deep change on the skin:

  • Gently exfoliates the epidermis.
  • Boosts cell renewal.
  • Reduces and improves the appearance of pores.
  • Smoothes lines and wrinkles.
  • Unifies the skin tone.
  • Improves skin hydration in depth.

This active system bases its excellent results on two main functions:

1. RENEWAL FUNCTION: it boosts the regenerating action of the epidermis, which improves the peeling process and prevents skin roughness and dryness.

2. RESTORING FUNCTION: it hydrates in depth and restores the self-regulation processes of the epidermis, thus making it possible for the skin to recover and maintain an optimum skin barrier function.

It is composed of two essential products:



An unprecedented intensive retexturing concentrate with a light and creamy texture that complements its cell renewal function with an anti-ageing, ultra-hydrating and restoring action that works on the skin barrier.

Combines two actions: • Cell renewal • Epidermal restoration

1.Renewing action:

Enzymatic exfoliants: Papain and Castanea Sativa extract
Chemical exfoliant: Glycolic acid encapsulated in cyclodextrines
Plant extract from Phragmites Kharka

2.Hydrating and restoring action on the skin barrier:

Castanea Sativa extract
NMF Ingredients
Results: ith a continuous use of the Hydro-Retexturing Booster Concentrate, the skin, perfectly renewed and hydrated, improves in tone, texture and luminosity: the appearance of wrinkles is reduced, irregularities are diminished, the skin grain is refined and suppleness improves. The skin, completely renewed and protected, appears visibly rejuvenated.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: On cleansed skin, apply on the face, neck and décolletage every morning and/or night. Next, apply your usual treatment cream or a sun screen with an SPF of no less than 30 (Excel Therapy O2 - Urban Shield SPF 50) until totally absorbed.

• Dermatologist-tested   • Paraben-free 



A powerful renewing mask with gel texture, composed of five exfoliants, that promotes a perfect peeling of the stratum corneum, thus improving skin hyperkeratinisation and renewal.
Unique exfoliant complex
  • Three AHAs: glycolic acid, citric acid and tartaric acid
  • BHA: salicylic acid
  • Physical exfoliant: wax microspheres. 


BENEFITS: It peels the stratum corneum improving skin hyperkeratinisation and regeneration. 



• 1st application: tone, texture and hydration. 
• Following applications: more healthy and revitalised, irregularities are reduced, the skin grain is refined, and the complexion is more luminous and reveals a more youthful appearance.
• Provides an optimum state of the skin
  1. Apply once a week on the face, neck and décolletage with circular movements for 2-3 minutes.
  2. Leave in place until completely dry (approximately 5 minutes). 
  3. Next, there are two possible ways of removal:
  • Less aggressive: with towels or sponges moistened in water until the product is completely removed.
  • Other skin types: rub the skin with the fingertips to remove the product and use moistened towels or sponges.

•Dermatologist-tested   •Paraben-free 



Box with 12 Powder sachets (12x2 g) + 12 Solution sachets (12x25 g)






Innovative rejuvenating treatment with no surgery. A re-injection of pure collagen to the skin.

This efficient mask is made up of two phases:


65% of this phase is made up of a combination of purified and dehydrated natural type I collagen peptides, with different molecular weights, that contain glycine, proline and hydroxyproline in the same sequence that it is naturally in the dermis.

1. The peptides with high molecular weight: They constitute a perfect self-regulating system: Progressive hydration of the skin and provision of amino acids and nutrients that allow to maintain its natural balance. These peptides fixate to the skin by attractions of electrical type, being based the greatest percentage on the most eroded ares (wrinkles, scars, etc.).

2. The peptides with low molecular weight: With greater skin penetration, they contribute to the correct functioning of dermal cells. Provide the necessary amino acids to stimulate the proliferation of fibroblasts and restore the three-dimensional architecture of the dermis. They have an anti-oxidant effect, thus being limited the ageing effects of free radicals.


Neutral rehydrating solution that solubilises this interesting combination of peptides so that it can be applied and absorbed by the skin.

Professional use. Dermatologist-tested. Perfume-free. Paraben-free.   



Mix the content of both sachets with a fan brush until achieving a homogeneous mixture. Apply a medium layer on the face, neck and décolletage. Leave in place for 20 minutes. Remove the mask eliminating first the excess product with a spatula and then with a wet towel or a professional disposable tissue for masks (Options). Cleanse and tone the skin with the most appropriate Options milk and lotion.

There is the possibility of ionising the mask through the positive pole or applying thermotherapy at level 2 of Aesthetic Advance for 10 minutes. In both cases it will be left 10 minutes more. The mask can also be combined with DTI System.



Phase 1: Glyco-Peel 40-ml
Phase 2: Comforting Carboactive Neutraliser 12 x 30-ml (solution), 12 x 2.5-g (powder)


PHASE 1: GLYCO PEEL -> Anti-ageing peeling

Peeling mask with transparent gel texture and formulated with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) such as: 

Buffered Glycolic Acid     Tartaric Acid     Citric Acid

This cure, mainly based on AHAs, and that consists of two differentiated phases, is ideal for using before the beauty treatment:

• Eliminates dead cells in an effective and safe way.

• Detoxifies the epidermis effectively and safely, immediately  improving its appearance.

• Facilitates the perfect extraction of comedones. Eliminates dirt on the skin in a simple way and with the less possible pain. A task reserved for the professional area.

• Favours the penetration of the rest of ingredients of the beauty therapy products.

• Presents important benefits for the treatment of mature skin, dry skin, skin with acne, darkspots, aged skin and dull skin.

• Perfect EFFECTIVENESS=SAFETY balance that allows application all year round and on all skin types, except on the most sensitive ones.

• Fast, only 8-10 minutes and in an easy way.  


Neutralising mask that has three complementary effects:

1. Stimulates superficial blood micro-circulation. Generation of pure CO2 on the skin’s surface (Carboxitherapy) that produces a unique bubbling due to the contact of the neutraliser with the AHAs (acid pH).

2. Prevents reddening thanks to its formula enriched with α-bisabolol providing intense relief.

3. Maximum comfort in the deep cleansing of the skin.



Phase 1: Glyco Peel

1. Cover the client’s eyes with cotton discs soaked in Options Eye Makeup Remover.

2. Spread with a fan brush a fine layer of Glyco-Peel on the face, neck and décolletage.

3. Leave in place approximately for 4 minutes.

Phase 2: Comforting Carboactive Neutraliser

4. Prepare the mixture of the Comforting Carboactive Neutraliser: sachet of 30 ml of solution + sachet of 2.5 g of powder during the time Glyco-Peel is in place.

5. With a spatula or brush, apply the already homogeneous neutralising mask over the Glyco-Peel. Leave in place for 4 minutes. 

6. After the 4 minutes remove with a spatula most of the product and the excess with a moistened towel or Germaine de Capuccini Disposable Tissues. Next, tone the skin. 

7. Extract comedones. 

8. Continue with the professional treatment adapted to the specific needs of the skin. 

Densifying Booster for Eyelashes and Eyebrows 



Germaine de Capuccini creates FULL LASHES, a Densifying Booster for Eyelashes and Eyebrows in gel texture that visibly enhances their growth. The innovation lies in its formula, which combines the synergistic action of:

MATRIKINE LASH, a vitaminated matrikine that:

  • Increases the proliferation and differentiation of keratinocytes, whichgenerates the formation of hair fibre and stimulates hair growth.
  • Increases the synthesis of adhesion proteins (collagen IV and laminin-5),which reinforces the union between the dermis and the epithelial sheath,thus optimising the anchorage of lashes and eyebrows.
PANTHENOL (provitamin B5), which repairs damaged hair fibres. It has apowerful hydrating action that favours the nourishment and reinforcement ofthe hair sheath and shaft, which improves their resistance.
Ophthalmologist- and dermatologist-tested. Colourless. Perfume-free. Paraben-free.


When stimulating the metabolism of the hair bulb, strengthening the anchorage and intensely repairing hair fibres, FULL LASHES achieves proven benefits in lashes and eyebrows:

•longer   •thicker and denser   •more resistant

Visible results in just 30 days. Complete results after 60 days. Maintenance: 3 times per week minimum.



  • Short and/or sparse lashes
  • Sparse or thin eyebrows
  • Loss of lashes in makeup removal
  • Medical treatments that provoke the loss of eyebrows and lashes
  • Periods of severe stress- After giving birth 



To achieve fully satisfactory results, the product should be used uninterruptedly for two months, morning and night, on cleansed and dry skin. In order to maintain the results achieved, we recommend reducing its use to a minimum of three days per week.

- Lashes: Apply with the brush along the root of the upper eyelash, from the inside to the outside. Then, with the eye closed, carry out a gentle massage until its total absorption (lower lashes will also be affected in an indirect way).

- Eyebrows: Apply the product along the eyebrow or the area of the eyebrow that needs to be cared for and then carry out a gentle massage until its total absorption.

After a couple of minutes makeup may be applied.


FULL LASHES Densifying Booster for Eyelashes and Eyebrows from GERMAINE DE CAPUCCINI on Vimeo.

Advanced Skincare Therapy

Synergyage ampoules offer interesting solutions to improve the signs of ageing, as well as for various alterations, such as acne, darkspots, etc. These products can be used as:  

  • An alternative to surgery, as they solve problems without need for an operation.  
  • In pre-operative treatments, to prepare the skin before undergoing an operation. 
  • In post-operative treatments, to help the skin recover after the operation (bruises, hyper o hypo-pigmentation, bad wound healing, lack of suppleness, etc.)


12 x 3-ml

Highly concentrated formula based on the combination of hyaluronic acid with high and low molecular weights and a multilamellar complex with ceramides that provides facial skin with overall hydration and restructuring:

  • Protects against the formation of wrinkles leaving the skin soft.
  • Prevents the loss of suppleness in the skin providing it with hydration.
  • Regenerates the stratum comeum avoiding water loss.

Facial serum that is highly appropriate for treating dehydrated, dry skin, etc. Demiatologist-tested.



12 x 3-ml

The most highly optimised form of collagen treatment that can be formulated. A totally innovative combination of collagen, with a series of ingredients that work on it ensuring its purity, activity, structure and functionality. This makes it possible to reorganise collagen fibres into a solid, homogeneous network for firmer, denser skin.

  • Provides high-quality soluble native collagen.
  • Activates and synthesises high purity pro-collagen.
  • Packs and assembles collagen fibres ensuring a uniform structure.

Facial serum that is highly appropriate for treating aged skin, deep wrinkles, etc. Dermatologist-tested.