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Timexpert Rides corrects and prevents expression wrinkles.


TIMEXPERT RIDES. Germaine de Capuccini’s anti-wrinkle facial line that, with the results of new research, is divided into two sub-lines: 

  • Timexpert Rides x.cel, to correct deep wrinkles and based on the latest discoveries on skin stem cells.
  • Timexpert Rides (expressions), to correct and prevent the first wrinkles and expression lines and inspired by the skin’s “self-regeneration” mechanisms. Works against wrinkles from inside.


It is inspires by the latest advances in plastic surgery and by the skin’s “self-regenerating” mechanisms that is capable of:

1. Regenerating: repairs existing wrinkles from within and re-activates the skin’s defence capacity against the appearance of new ones.
2. Filling in and inhibiting: work against facial expression lines.


Timexpert Rides focuses on “cellular dynamics” to strengthen the skin’s architecture. To achieve this, it creates an exclusive and extraordinary combination of strategic ingredients that globally work against expression lines and wrinkles. 

- Pro-Collagestine-Fill Technology (exclusive to Germaine de Capuccini): based on the anti-ageing action of the concentrated extract from the Brede Mafane* flowers, it is capable of improving the ”skin’s architecture”, as well as increasing the production of collagen and elastin to intensely favour the skin’s natural “filling-in power”. It improves the skin’s firmness.

 - MICRO-DERMOXINE Complex (exclusive to Germaine de Capuccini): inspired by the micro-injections of botulinic toxin and collagen, it neutralises the effects of skin micro-tensions, a consequence of daily gestures, while filling in lines and wrinkles in a natural way favouring their disappearance.

- Soya Proteins: strengthen the skin’s natural repair capacity against wrinkles.


















NIGHT SUCCESS Renewing Sleep Mask NEW

30-ml jar

We know that our skin is more receptive at night, it lives its phase of greater cellular activity, regenerating itself three times faster than by day. While you sleep the skin does “extra time” fixing the possible damage suffered.

NIGHT SUCCESS Renewing Sleep Mask, is your new great ally in beauty. A transparent gel-mask with light texture that works in an original and infallible way all night long providing incredible silkiness for the face, neck and décolletage.

“Patch Effect”

Its extraordinary finish leaves a supple coverage, a breathable film that traps humidity achieving a continued bath of hydration helping the skin to rest as if it were in a bubble, freeing it from the signs of fatigue.


Indicated for

  • Women from the age of 25-30 onwards who want renewed skin.
  • Stressed and fatigued skin.
  • Flash effect specific action.
  • Detoxifying action, hydrating, exfoliating and anti-wrinkles.


Formula: a concentrate of ingredients with an action that is

  • Regenerating, firming and anti-wrinkles. Improves the “skin’s architecture” working against wrinkles from inside. Pro-Collagestine-Fill Technology.
  • Revitalising and detoxifying. Helps the skin to get rid of all the toxins accumulated during the day. D-Tox-Control.
  • Gentle exfoliation. Reveals the natural luminosity of the face and permeates it to favour the absorption of the other active ingredients. Lime Caviar.
  • Anti-oxidising and anti-ageing benefits.  Pearls of vitamins A, C and E.



At night on cleansed skin or after your favourite serum, apply with your fingertips with massage until the spheres dissolve on face, neck and décolletage. Carry out pressing and circular movements with your thumb on the following points:

Do not remove. Go to bed with the product. Next morning proceed with the usual cleansing routine and facial care.

You can apply it specifically, whenever you observe that the skin needs it (days of stress, few hours of sleep, etc.).

If you include it in your beauty routine apply it twice a week, increasing it to three times if your skin requires it.














30-ml bottle

Germaine de Capuccini has created its first elixir of youthfulness with oily texture and a powerful regenerating force. A dry oil that provides all the anti-ageing nutrition demanded by dry, fine skin that is lacking in comfort. Dermatologist-tested. Paraben-free.



7 exceptionally regenerating plant oils formulated with:

• Winter Rose Amber • Sesame • Hazelnut • Apricot • Almond • Corn

They provide Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, vitamins, anti oxidants and all the essential anti-ageing elements especially needed by dry skin. Its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties make it a powerful repairing product, effective even on the most delicate skin.


Pro-Collagestine-Fill Technology: reactivates the skin’s natural filling in power and improves the “skin’s architecture”.

Lupeol: stimulates high-purity collagen synthesis, creating a solid and homogeneous network to achieve firmer, denser skin.

Alaria Esculenta Extract: works like a cellular rejuvenator with detoxifying and firming properties.


Its texture is refined, magnified thanks to the Jasmine Essential Wax. The skin instantly feels the nutrition.Your skin with the most radiant appearance it has ever had.

  • Deeply nourished skin ~ 86%
  • Firmer skin ~ 84%
  • More supple skin ~ 88%
  • More faded expression lines and wrinkles ~ 76%
  • Radiant face ~ 92%
  • Immediately silky skin ~ 100%

*Effectiveness test on 50 women between 31 and 69 years of age for 1 month applying morning and night.



1. Apply 5-8 drops in the morning and at night on cleansed skin on the face, neck and décolletage.

  • In the morning alone or before the usual treatment cream.
  • At night always before the usual treatment cream.

2. Carry out a massage (see specific movements) avoiding the eye contour.

  1. Spread on face, neck and décolletage with circular movements from the centre outwards.
  2. Ironing movements with the palms of your hands.
  3. Carry out gentle tapping with your fingertips.

It can be applied on dry skin or slightly moistened skin. Suitable for dry or very dry skin, even sensitive skin.


Timexpert rides X.CEL

Youthfulness Re-Creation X.CEL Cream

50-ml jar

EXTRAORDINARY POWER: protects skin stem cells to delay ageing and repair wrinkles. The exceptional YOUTHFULNESS RE-CREATION CREAM, developed by Germaine de Capuccini, has a revolutionary ingredient: plant stem cells extract, from a variety of apple, Uttwiler Spätlauber, cultivated in Switzerland and very rare in the world. 

This extract provides extraordinary cell nutrients that associated with nanoliposomes direct their action under the wrinkle, recreating and repairing what the passing of time has caused.

Also, its formula is enriched with: 

  • In the epidermis: nanoencapsulated plant stem cells extract, protects the skin's stem cells. Also, the ceramide complex, that enriches the formula, preserves the skin's natural hydration system in the best conditions. 
  • In the dermis: Pro-Collagestine-Fill technology, helps to synthesize more collagen and elastin for the skin to recover its natural capacity to work against wrinkles.


Light / Rich

50-ml jar

An advanced anti-wrinkle treatment, whose formula is based on the exclusive ingredients Pro-Collagestine-Fill Technology, Micro-Dermoxine Complex and Soya Proteins that work against wrinkles and expression lines, reducing their length and depth. 

The skin appears ideally hydrated, more supple, with a renewed firmness and brimming with youthfulness. 

Two textures: A rich and dense texture that provides dry skin with comfort and a lighter and more velvety texture for normal skin. Both are rapidly absorbed and leave no oily residue. 

The skin immediately feels intense well-being and comfort thanks to its freshness and fragrance. 

It is an excellent make-up base.



30-ml tube

An exclusive serum that increases the production of collagen and elastin, helping to minimise wrinkles and expression lines. It also has a gentle lifting effect that immediately transforms the skin: the cutaneous relief is smoothed.  

Its formula is enriched with a high concentration of Pro-Collagestine-Fill Technology, Micro-Dermoxine Complex and Soya Proteins



it should be always applied before the CORRECTION CREAM LINES/WRINKLES or before your usual treatment cream.

Timexpert rides REFINITION



Youthful skin is not just skin with no wrinkles. Darkspots, redness, dilated pores, acne marks, dull skin, roughness, etc. also give away your age.

Germaine de Capuccini reaches a new level of perfection for skin with REFINITION Refining Illuminating Booster. A powerful serum, highly concentrated in sophisticated ingredients, that instantly transforms the skin, restoring the beauty typical of youthfulness. You cannot ask for more!

REFINITION is based on the exclusive 3HD Correction technology to recreate the uniformity of youthful skin.

Timexpert rides eyes
eye contour treatment night & Day



Day: will optimise the daily self-defence capacity. Skincare reinforcement that helps the skin with its protective functions.

Pro-Collagestine-Fill Technology, Micro-Dermoxine, Ceramide concentrate and light pigments.




A night "skincare assistance" with patch effect. It leaves an imperceptible transparent film that favours the prolonged liberation of the ingredients

>A high-tech ingredient that facilitates the elimination of the blood pigments (bilirubin, biliverdin) and the capturing of iron, the main causes of bags under the eyes.

>Azarole bud extract, minimises puffiness and improves micro-circulation. Based on gemmotherapy research ECOCERT certified ingredient.


An extraordinary professional in-booth treatment that works against wrinkles from within, filling in and inhibiting expression lines, revealing an optimal “skin architecture”. 

A sensational beauty ritual, inspired by the Japanese facial massage, that puts in perfect harmony the innovative ingredients of the line and the work method carried out by the aesthetician. A combination that achieves a superb preventive anti-ageing effect and a sensational relaxation of mind and body.   

The action of the different products is added one by one, providing the treatment with maximum anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle effectiveness, thanks to the innovative ingredients of their formulas: Pro-Collagestine-Fill Technology, Micro-Dermoxine Complex and Soya Proteins.

Aimed at: 

  • Relaxing facial tensions, thus smoothing expression wrinkles.
  • Reducing the depth and length of facial wrinkles.
  • Improving skin firmness.
  • Revealing the optimal state of the “skin architecture” to maximise the skin’s natural self-defence capacity against new wrinkles. “Architect effect”.


5 x 3-ml

Ultra-concentrated formula that provides an excellent anti-ageing action from the beginning of the treatment. Its texture makes it possible to give a facial massage designed with anti-ageing specific movements and exclusive relaxation movements.



A facial gel that can also be used with thermotherapy. It is applied with the help of a fan brush over the whole face, neck and décolletage.


5 x 2-ml

A fluid created to emulsify itself with the excess of EXPERT PROCESS I PRO-COLLAGESTINE-FILL, forming a rich, special cream for anti-ageing massage.



5 units

Innovative facial mask in the form of a hydrogel patch, especially designed to make its application easier and to obtain a perfect fit to the face and the neck. Among its ingredients we can find Pro-Collagestine-Fill Technology, Micro-Dermoxine Complex and Soya Proteins. The mask can be ionised by pcib-itRie pole WI-, the AESTHETIC ADVANCE equipment.



A cream for ending the treatment that is applied with a massage on the face, neck and décolletage. It is rapidly absorbed. It provides immediate comfort and extreme smoothness.

Timexpert rides eyes
eye contour Special


Box with 12 sachets

Patch with new aqua-gel techology that allows optimal occlusion that ensures the penetration of the ingredients in record time. It adapts and adheres perfectly to the area to be treated. It has a relieving, smoothing and small darkspots fading action. Its special design, designed exclusively by Germaine de Capuccini, covers all the wrinkles of the eye contour.


30-ml tube with cannula

Fluid concentrate with a very delicate texture that corrects imperfections in the eye contour: smoothes wrinkles, provides tone and firmness to the skin, fades puffiness and bags under the eyes and fills in and inhibits expression lines injecting extra youthfulness to the eye contour.