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The latest anti-ageing achievement aimed at “rebuilding” the support structure of the skin.


“TIMEXPERT LIFT (IN) VECTOR LIFT Master Firmness Serum has been awarded, by the British magazine Pure Beauty, with the silver medal in the category of Best Premium Product 2016 for skin care.

The Pure Beauty Awards are prestigious awards organized by the magazine with the same name, in charge of rewarding innovation in the British skincare industry. The Pure Beauty Awards acknowledge the best of beauty with the most effective and innovative products launched in their market in the last 12 months. The readers of the magazine participate in the vote and help to decide the final results.”



Germaine de Capuccini has created TIMEXPERT LIF(IN) for the face, neck and décolletage. All the efforts are aimed at enhancing the tissues, recovering well-defined contours and improving the quality of the skin.

Lifting skincare is reinvented thanks to V-Matrix, a High Performance Complex that stimulates the synthesis and the activity of the main actors responsible for the organisation and restructuring of the skin’s matrix. 

Firmness is restored from inside. A deep action that produces a lifting effect on the surface.


A new era in the search for firmness that, emulating the surgical lifting, provides a global result from Three Vectors of Rejuvenation:



V-Matrix works on the root of the problem of flaccidity, firming the skin again. For this it combines two powerful ingredients:

-Purified oligosaccharides extracted from Cyperus esculentus, stimulators of the synthesis and organisation of collagen and oxytalan, specific fibres of the papillary dermis, to restore the skin’s suppleness.

-A peptide obtained by molecular engineering that reactivates the creation of structure proteins (elastin, collagen, FBLN5, LOKL1, talin and zixin), responsible for the correct assembly, anchoring and stabilisation of the reticular dermis.

Features are lifted. Wrinkles are less visible.

On the other hand, a duo of calcium and glucose stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid in the dermis. Apart from guaranteeing a continuous reserve of natural hydration for the skin it increases its density.

Volumes are filled in and the skin recovers its firmness.


CLIP TIMEXPERT LIFT IN ENG from INDEX El Poder del Vídeo on Vimeo.




Master firmness Serum

50-ml glass bottle with dropper

"TIMEXPERT LIFT (IN) VECTOR LIFT Master Firmness Serum has been awarded, by the British magazine Pure Beauty, with the silver medal in the category of Best Premium Product 2016 for skin care."

Spectacularly corrects the most evident signs of ageing. Provides firmness and redefines the facial oval. The volumes increase. Minimises dilated pores. A jewel of anti-ageing technology.

Not only lifting. A true technological jewel that intervenes in the vectors of skin rejuvenation to day by day fill in and tauten. Powerful concentrate of firmness that helps reposition the volumes of the face and newly define its natural profile. Lines and wrinkles are faded.

Developed with V-Matrix. Biotechnology and nature united to reinforce the mesh that underlies the skin, giving it support and volume. The lifting is generated inside to become visible outside.

Contains an extract of Lens esculenta that reduces the visibility of the pores and leaves a smooth, mattified finish.

Minimises and improves the appearance of pores and works against their dilation due to the effects of a natural extract with specific action.

VECTOR LIFT MASTER FIRMNESS SERUM is a premium gesture that works wonders applied alone or under the daily treatment. 


Indicated for
All skin types.


Light and fresh, it is rapidly absorbed, charging the skin with energy in an instant.



    • Oligosaccharides extracted from Cyperus Esculentus
    • Peptide of biomolecular origin
  • Duo of Calcium and Glucose
  • Extract of Lens Esculenta 



Apply before the usual treatment cream morning and night. In case of oily or combination skin VECTOR LIFT could be enough, not being necessary to apply the cream afterwards.





15-ml glass bottle

Lift your point of view. The revolutionary treatment that works to “rebuild” the skin matrix of the ocular perimeter, lifting the look. Thanks to BLEFAROPLEX it reveals a lifting action in the top eyelids, offering a non-invasive alternative to eyelid surgery.

Formulated with the innovative Alpha-Gel Technology, it contains Chromo-Correcting Pigments that reflect and selectively transmit certain colours, achieving a clear and open look.

Exceptional for achieving a healthy tone with no need to use makeup.

In one month*

  • The eyelid is firmed and lifted.
  • “Crow’s feet” disappear.
  • The eye contour appears rested and revitalised.

Dermatologist- and ophthalmologist-tested. Its tolerance by the skin has been proven.

*126 persons (37-71 years) declare after one month of daily use.


Indicated for
All skin types.



• BLEFAROPLEX A unique innovation in anti-ageing cosmetics, the synergistic union of a series of botanical ingredients that increases collagen and elastin synthesis, as well as working against glycation.

• ALPHA-GEL TECHNOLOGY. Generates a delicate, enveloping film with “second skin” effect with extraordinary anti-ageing properties that enhance the lifting effect. Provides a deep hydration, instantly improving the appearance and relief of the skin.

• CHROMO-CORRECTING PIGMENTS. They work as a pigment corrector.



Apply after the serum and before the usual cream, in the morning and at night.

Expert application with LIFT(IN) EYES massager: stimulates micro-circulation and enhances the lifting effect.

Massage A:

  1. Spread product
  2. Circular pressure points
  3. Wrinkle erasing

Massage B:

  1. Alternate ironing massager/fingers
  2. Alternate lissages massage/fingers (only upper)
  3. Pinching massager/thumb (only upper)

Clean the massager with a tissue after each use.

aplicacion lift(in) eyestxliftineyepic


TIMEXPERT LIFT(IN) Your Daily Massage For Applying Supreme Definition Eye Contour from GERMAINE DE CAPUCCINI on Vimeo.





50-ml jar

Anti-ageing cream formulated with V-Matrix. A transfusion of youthfulness that provides the skin with the necessary tools for tautening, redensifying and compacting.

It is the first treatment that includes the innovative Alpha-Gel Technology, which generates a delicate enveloping film with “second skin” effect with extraordinary anti-ageing properties that protect and promote the lifting effect.

The moment it is applied the skin’s micro-relief is smoothed, the skin is transformed and an immediate sensation of freshness, smoothness and well-being is generated. With the continued treatment the facial oval is redefined, the skin is reinforced and re-tautened and lines and wrinkles are smoothed and softened. Essential ally of women who look for evident results from the first day.


Indicated for
All skin types.


First treatment formulated with the innovative Alpha-Gel technology. A light entry that when applied becomes rich, nourishing and comfortable. The skin feels fresh, smooth, juicy, with an unbeatable texture.



    • Oligosaccharides extracted from Cyperus Esculentus
    • Peptide of biomolecular origin
  • Alpha-gel Technology 



Spread it morning and night on the face, neck and décolletage following the specific movements. Its application is a true ritual of refinement.

  1. Gentle upward palm passes.
  2. Carry out pinchings.
  3. Sliding with both index fingers.
  4. Carry out upward palm passes, like ironing.



TIMEXPERT LIFT(IN) Your Daily Massage For Applying Supreme Definition Creme from GERMAINE DE CAPUCCINI on Vimeo.





50-ml jar

The skin of the neck is more fragile than the skin of the face, and thus it is more vulnerable to the loss of firmness. In this case the anti-ageing strategy requires very specific care and ingredients that other treatments do not offer.

The NECK AND DÉCOLLETAGE TAUTENING AND FIRMING CREAM contains an original cosmetic ingredient obtained from the Edelweiss flower and enriched with leontopodic acid, with immense anti-oxidising power.

With the action of V-Matrix the structure of the dermis is reinforced. In just three weeks it tautens and readjusts the loose skin of the neck. The support matrix is strengthened and the fragile epidermis of the neck and décolletage is rejuvenated.


Indicated for 
All skin types. Essential complement from the age of 40 onwards.


Rich texture with a high nourishing power.



    • Oligosaccharides extracted from Cyperus Esculentus
    • Peptide of biomolecular origin
  • Edelweiss Flower by means of cellular cultivation. enriched with leontopodic acid



On cleansed skin and after having applied the usual treatment cream on the face, apply on neck and décolletage. Massage following the specific movements until totally absorbed.

  1. Hand open on clavicle and thumb on one side, carry out alternate upward movements to the chin.
  2. Place your thumbs under the chin and slide them under the jaw to the ears.
  3. Circular movements.
  4. Slide your fingertips to the clavicle.
  5. Insert your fingers in the spaces of the clavicle and slide them to the shoulders.



TIMEXPERT LIFT(IN) Your Daily Massage For Applying Neck And Décolletage Tautening And Firming Cream from GERMAINE DE CAPUCCINI on Vimeo.

txliftinproVECTOR 3 NEW
- Face – Neck – Décolletage

Programme designed to obtain the best of TIMEXPERT LIFT(IN).

Its exclusive professional application method intensifies the lifting action. An original massage carefully designed to “sculpt” the face and neck with very precise movements that work the facial oval from all the angles. It is influenced by ancient oriental techniques, such as the system of meridians, and more avantgarde, inspired by aesthetic medicine interventions. This “face to face” work technique establishes a special professional-client bond.

The power of the formula, together with the mastering of the massage technique, show unprecedented results, visible after just one session:

  • Firmness is restored. Features are lifted.
  • Filling-in action. Volume and density. Wrinkles are faded.
  • The progressive tautening effect redefines the oval.

A complete monthly programme of four sessions is the best guarantee of a progressive and lasting lifting. 

Recommended for Skin that needs to solve the loss of suppleness and firmness resulting from the progressive destructurisation of the dermis.

Results 98% of the 111 persons that participated in the study* declared that a single session can be considered a true immediate beauty treatment with Express Lifting effect.

*Self-evaluation test carried out with volunteers between 35 and 69 years of age. 


Facial Serum

5 vials x 4 ml

A super concentrated cocktail of redensifying and firming ingredients. Easily absorbed fluid gel that is used to begin the treatment. It can be applied manually or with level 2 DTI System Solution equipment.


Facial Massage Cream

30-ml tube

A cream formulated with the innovative Alpha-Gel Technology. It has a light start and when massaged it becomes rich, nourishing and comfortable. Developed to facilitate the penetration of the active ingredients that it transports, enormously enhancing their effectiveness. 

It is applied with an original massage technique that “sculpts” the face and neck with very precise movements that work intensely the facial oval from every angle (360 degrees sculpting). Includes movements based on the profound knowledge of the facial anatomy to tauten the lines of force and stimulate facial rejuvenation. All of this, together with the power of the formula, gives this treatment phase unprecedented results. 


Facial Bi-Mask

200-ml gel jar + meshes soaked in 32 ml of solution.

Double mask designed under a new prism. Made up of:

GEL-MASK: a fresh gel that, applied for 5 minutes, generates an interface between the product and the skin, weakening the intercellular cohesion to facilitate the penetration of the active principles.

TISSUE-MASK: support mesh in three pieces soaked in a solution formulated for maximum filling-in and lifting action. Generates an immediate tautening effect that lifts the cheeks and cheekbones and redesigns the facial contours. 


V-3 UP
Facial Emulsion

5 vials x 3 ml

Apart from all the load of ingredients aimed at reinforcing the skin matrix, it includes a biopolymer obtained from natural ingredients that has an immediate lifting-tautening effect for a perfect treatment ending. The skin’s micro-structure immediately improves, smoothing the depth of the wrinkles.


tratamiento profesional timexpert lift(in)-sd (1) from Uñas Pili on Vimeo.